Summer Tirthan Valley Trek: A Complete Guide For Trekkers

Summer Tirthan Valley Trek: @Trekwithmountainman @Sanjunegi

Summer Tirthan Valley Trek: Be with local in Himalayas

Summer Tirthan Valley Trekking :
Himachal Pradesh is home to a vast collection of scintillating hill stations, some, over the past few years, have emerged as favorites for travellers with a wanderlust for the hills. As some hill stations become more popular, they also become more crowded. In fact, some well known hill stations have turned into the hilly replicas of metropolitan cities we routinely try to escape. Trekking paths are lined with tourists and littered with garbage. If you’re looking to avoid such an experience and really explore the awesome feeling of scaling a mountain in solitude, we’ve got the perfect destination for you- the Tirthan Valley Trek. Be in the valley of God & Feel mother Nature vibes. Trekking will not only refresh your body but enlighten your inner eyes aswell, in Tirthan Valley be start trekk with the blessings of Mata Gada Durga Temple Situated in Gushaini , We walk along Holy and clean river Tirthan to Great Himalayan National Park , enroute we will cover ropa.GHNP is home of many wild endangered plants and Animals. Can do #birdwatching as well. Himalayas have many medicinal plants.So you can do #scientific #study as well. For Hike lovers its perfect cakewalk.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about this little explored before paying it a visit. But before that, if the promise of solitude hasn’t convinced you to visit Tirthan Valley, here are a few other reasons that might:

Why Visit Tirthan Valley

despite being an offbeat destination, Tirthan Valley is a well-populated areas within Himachal Pradesh. Getting to Tirthan Valley, and subsequently, getting around within the valley will never be a challenge. In other words, Tirthan Valley boasts everything you could need as a tourist visiting the area, sans the hoards of crowds that flock to the mountains every year.
Next, trekking in Tirthan Valley is big. The valley acts as a base for a number of treks including (but not limited to) Serolsar Lake trek, Jalori Pass Trek, and the numerous hikes and treks within the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).

Best Time To Visit

Like most places rich with natural beauty, Tirthan Valley offers a delightful experience to visitors throughout the year. Different seasons simply bring different charms and unlock different activities within the valley.

For instance, the April to June is the best time to go for trekking in Tirthan Valley. The days are moderately warm and the nights are pleasantly cool, with low chances of rainfall.

With that said, if you are a seasoned trekker, and love a good challenge as much as you love snow, Tirthan Valley should definitely be on your winter-trek bucket list.

Spring and Autumn colours are also extremely prevalent in the relevant months. Although, it is worth noting that these months attract light showers which can potentially mess with your plans of undertaking adventure activities such as trekking.

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